Coconuts on beach

The coconuts rub their sleepy eyes,
In disbelief, in their crewcut fronds.

They love their new home on beach.
Cool waters slosh in coconut’s skulls.

Back at home they had feet in earth
With endless blue emptiness above.

Here ,sea goes up and down in blue.
As the waves break they hurl winds

From far seas where they meet a sky.
The fronds now dance to a sea wind .

(An entire coconut grove has sprung up overnight on our beach ,having been translocated from another place as part of beach beautification )


Rain in the sea

The rain falls in window’s glass
As the sea moves up and down.

The crow caws after a new sun
As clouds shut the world down.

We witness our yet another day
As a sea is bursting with waves.

We are a witness to world alive
Being alive for yet another day .

Rocks on the sea

In the beginning a rock was spiked flowers
Then it worked out to hung marble arches
Catching the sea in its frame like a picture.

One sat down and bent to focus  the rock
That would carry  entire sea in its bosom
With sea hitting it in mother’s playfulness.

The rock was green and mossy in overall
Turquoise sea with diamonds of mollusks
In body like polka dots on sunny holidays.

A fish jumping man would point a corner
For squatting ,to catch essence of the sea.
The sea continues tirade against the rocks.